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Trip Ventures

At Trip Ventures, we invest in innovative companies at the intersection of travel and tech.

Our portfolio companies and partners are innovators
building the new layer of tech in the travel industry.

Our Mission

We are driven to help the travel industry soar like never before.
We do this by backing tech innovations that connect people to extraordinary travel experiences. For the first time in our lifetimes, the travel industry halted. The reset caused by the pandemic also ignited a new era of innovation. Over the next decade, the travel industry will be reinvented, stronger and better than ever. This time with technology as an enabler of extraordinary travel experiences. We see technology as a bridge between physical and digital experiences. We believe that the traveler's journey starts before we plan a trip and continues long after we share our memories with others.

Our Portfolio

  • Andiago Andiago


    AI-powered recommendations and concierge for trending restaurants and hidden gems in any city.

  • InvisiPay InvisiPay


    The fastest, most efficient payment solution for restaurants and their guests.

  • Niicer Niicer


    Extraordinary travel experiences for the new generation of digital nomads.

    Arriving soon
  • Legends Legends


    Positive social network of global travelers, inspired by each other's experiences.

  • Musicasa Musicasa


    A community-powered marketplace connecting music lovers with musicians to co-create highly personal, home concerts.


Investment Themes

These 12 tech themes are revolutionizing travel.

  • Marketplaces

    We look for the next-gen marketplaces that will bring guests, hosts and experiences together.

  • Discovery Engines

    We get excited about AI-powered engines that help people discover and decide where to go and what to do when they get there.

  • Web3

    We see a future in which blockchain technology is foundational for travel booking.

  • Metaverse

    We're so close to exploring places in the metaverse before heading there. We constantly ask, “are we there yet?”

  • Community

    We believe the next-gen platforms will connect people to places and connect places to people.

  • SaaS Solutions

    Delivering extraordinary experiences seamlessly requires SaaS solutions that bridge back-end operations with customer-facing experiences.

  • Property Tech

    Details matter. How you check-in, check-out, unlock a door… little moments add up to seamless travel. We like solutions that enable great experiences at every touchpoint.

  • Rewards & Loyalty

    Loyalty is earned over time by developing trust. We seek platforms that strengthen bonds through access, not discounts.

  • Fintech

    When you ask for the check, do you wonder why? So do we. We love innovations that optimize processes and make lives easier- for the guest and the host.

  • MarTech

    Acquiring high-value travelers is more crucial than ever. Tectonic shifts in digital advertising coincided with the reset caused by the pandemic.

  • Digital Nomads

    WFH untethered many of us from a single place. We see opportunities to expand travel from episodic to a continuous travel lifestyle.

  • Sustainability

    Until we can all travel to Mars, let's take care of Earth, its people, flora and fauna.

Our Team

We're two kinds of people...


in love with


Our team is a global and eclectic cast of characters. We're also futurists, travelers, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, techies, dancers and pranksters. We love chasing time zones in pursuit of extraordinary travel experiences. We geek out when tech gets us closer to unforgettable moments IRL.

Leadership Team

  • Carlos García

    CEO and Founder

  • Chris Gentilini

    Head of Product

  • Matias Suarez


  • Diego Gonzalez


  • Clara Lucio

    Head of Marketing

Evidently, we've never lost a dance-off.